‚ÄčAs a rescuer for our dogs I say no to often to a rescue! Why do I always have to say that word NO! Well I have to say no because we are a foster base rescue. If we do not have a foster for the rescue we do not have a place for the dog. My dream one day is to be a rescue with a rescue ranch. Soon one day I will be able to YES more often than NO to the rescue! The last week or so have been hard on me because of the amount of No's I have given to a rescue! Just a short story for you I got a phone call from the gym the other day and it was a women crying out of her mind because they where going to put her dog down that day at the shelter for a fight with another dog. The women was pleading for my help to take the dog in and help rehabilitate the dog so she can have her best friend back. When I told her I was full and didn't have room she cried harder. She asked why can't I help her she said she has heard I can help and fix her dog. I said yes I can help if I had room for a dog like hers. Since that day the I can't get her crying out of my mind. ""Only If"" we had our rescue ranch maybe I could have room to help her to see if her dog would make it through a rehab stage. But I do not have that option yet to say yes! If you find this story heart felt like me please help the rescue and help foster a dog or puppy for us. Because I know one day we will have our rescue ranch and I will be able to say yes to a person like this in need! Please donate or sign up as a foster.  Thank you!  Frank

Attn: dog owners! What if you had a place to take your dog off leash in a safe area completely fenced in with swimming pools, grassy fields to run in, areas to do leash free training. hiking trails, grooming and bath areas, and camping grounds for over night camping with your dog. Its all for one on one time with your dog and your dogs friends camp! and it would support the dog rescue ranch that we want to build. We will have different support packages for time and use of the property for you and your dog. This is a project we are putting together and are looking for supporters that want to get in on the ground floor and get gold memberships at pre-donation price! There are not many places like this anywhere and if we build this we would have a place to save more dogs and have a safe place to play and train, our dogs! If you are interested please message me!


Pitbulls and friends rescue ranch