The last week or so have been hard on me because of the amount of no's I have given to dogs in need of rescue!  Just a short story for you I got a phone call from the gym the other day and it was a woman crying out of her mind because they were going to put her dog down that day at the shelter for a fight with another dog. The woman was pleading for my help to take the dog in and help rehabilitate the dog so she can have her best friend back. When I told her I was full and didn't have room she cried harder. She asked why can't I help her?  She said she has heard I could help and fix her dog. I said yes I could help if I had room for a dog like hers.

Since that day, I can't get her crying out of my mind. "Only if" we had our rescue ranch - maybe I could have room to help her to see if her dog would make it through a rehab stage.  But I do not have that option yet to say yes! If you find this story heart-felt like me, please help the Rescue and donate whatever you can. Because I know one day we will have our Rescue Ranch and I will be able to say YES to a person like this in need! Please donate. Thank you!"  

Frank Kole
The facility will have a comfortable space for adopters to meet and greet our dogs and a safe play area for dog interactions.
"As a rescuer for our dogs, I say “no” too often to a dog in need of rescue!  Why do I always have to say that word NO! Well I have to say no because we are a foster-based rescue. If we do not have a volunteer foster for the rescue, we do not have a place for the dog.  My dream one day is to be a rescue with a rescue ranch, so that one day I will be able to YES more often than NO to the rescue!

Pitbulls and friends Dog Rescue Ranch


The Rescue Ranch will provide a safe warm bed for a dog that is likely traumatized by the events that have brought him to us.  We will be able to save the dog and take whatever time is necessary to stabilize the dog, train the dog, and find the right forever family for each dog.

Volunteers and staffers will live on site to care for our rescued dogs.  The Rescue Ranch will provide a loving home environment while our rescue dogs find their forever homes.

What's going on at the Ranch

More motivation for the Ranch, A Story From our Founder 

What we are working on now

The future of Pitbulls and Friends Dog Rescue is a Rescue Ranch - a place to save more dogs, train more dogs and have a safe place to play, train and bond with our dogs. 

We are currently working on building the foundations of the ranch and fundraising now for this major initiative. Our goal is to raise $40,000 for the startup and buildout of the facility.  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have already raised over $5,000 towards this goal.


The Rescue Ranch will have a dedicated training facility where we will host our training classes.


​Its all about one-on-one time with your dogs and your family.  The Ranch will have a completely fenced-in area where you can take your dog off-leash and have a safe place to play and train and jump in the swimming pool.  The property will have hiking trails, walking trails, and camping grounds for overnight camping with your dogs.

​​​What we Need NOW

RV's and tuff sheds

Please donate your used, livable RV or large outdoor storage shed to the Rescue Ranch!  Your RV will be used to house volunteers, staffers and rescue dogs.  


Fencing, concrete, wood.
Construction tools.
Dog kennels.
Storage shelves, storage boxes.

​Tuff Shed or similar storage sheds.