The Doobie Dignity Fund is a special fund for senior dogs who we can help cross over the Rainbow Bridge with dignity. These dogs have made it to the shelter for no reason other than that they became old. We can give this dog a soft warm bed in a loving home and give it comfort during its final days.
We are an all-volunteer donation-based nonprofit and we depend on the generosity of caring donors like yourself. 100% of your gift goes directly to work finding forever homes for lost and given up dogs.

thank you for supporting pitbulls and friends!

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10% of your purchase donated to Pitbulls and Friends!

iowa medical fund

Please donate new or gently used:

  • dog food
  • dog treats
  • towels, sheets, blankets
  • dog beds
  • playpens
  • dog crates
  • food bowls
  • tug ropes, chew toys
  • leashes, collars, harnesses
  • laundry detergent, bleach
  • flea meds
  • puppy pads
  • plastic bags
  • gift cards; gift certificates
  • office supplies,office equipment
  • storage containers

Items may be dropped off anytime at Last Real Gym, 3148 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104.  You may also choose to donate the value of the item online now.  Let us know what you want to purchase for a Rescue dog and we will take care of it!

SPonsor A DOG!

Doobie Dignity Fund For seniors

It's easy and rewarding to help dogs in need! The cost of the simple, general care of a dog, including food, training, flea medication, light medical expenses, bedding, leash and collar, toys and treats is $200 per month.

You can be responsible for one paw of a dogs care, or four paws of a dogs care! A Wagging Tail would cover the costs of a momma dog and her litter of puppies.

$50/month One Paw

$100/month Two Paws

$150/month Three Paws

$200/month Four Paws

$500/month Four Paws and

a Wagging Tail!

You can set up your own Monthly Donation Program using this link:

10% of your purchase donated to Pitbulls and Friends!

Help build our rescue ranch!

Veterinary care is our largest expense, as we provide the necessary medical care for each dog that we rescue.  The Iowa Medical Fund covers any and all of the medical expenses of Pitbulls and Friends. It can cover medical expenses from a simple spay or neuter to a more complicated surgery or treatment.

If your donation is for a specific dog or litter, please note in "Comments".

Our hungry rescue pups go through alot of food!  We always need donations of wet and dry dog food and we use everything!  The Hungry Hash Food Fund ensures that we will always have the food we need for our rescue dogs, including those who require grain-free or limited ingredient dog food which costs more than regular dog food.

donor profile: LISA

This morning while taking Sunny for a walk I witnessed a lady slapping her pit bull. He wasn't "walking nice" so she slapped his face and yelled at him. It made me physically ill. I felt like I couldn't do anything about it.
Instead of feeling helpless, I donated to Pitbulls and Friends, an organization led by Frank and Robin of UrbanBody Gym. They have a real passion for dogs and are serious about proper training and education.
I don't feel better about what happened this morning. But I do feel like I did at least a little something to help another dog in need. Thank you Pitbulls and Friends for what you are doing.

things we need right now!

hungry hash food fund