canine good citizenship

Basic Training Class is based on the AKC Canine Good CitizenĀ® Program, which emphasizes responsible dog ownership for owners and basic training and good manners for dogs. The Canine Good Citizen Test consists of 10 skills needed by all well-mannered dogs. All of the exercises are done on a leash.

  1. Accepting a friendly stranger in a natural, everyday situation.
  2. Sitting politely for petting by a friendly stranger.
  3. Appearance and being welcome to grooming and being examined.
  4. Out for a walk: walking on a loose lead.
  5. Walking through a crowd
  6. Sit and Down on command and Staying in place
  7. Coming when called from 10 feet away.
  8. Reaction to another dog.
  9. Reaction to common distracting situations.
  10. Supervised separation with the owner out of sight for three minutes.

Yes, you can have well-behaved dog for life!

The obstacle course teaches you and your dog to adapt to new people, dogs, environments and experiences with confidence.

Nigel loves the treadmill!

March 2016 Training Class Students and their Humans - Vicky, Teddy, Chloe, Maddie, Lucas 

BAsic Training CLASS


Basic Training is our introductory dog training class for puppies and young adult dogs. Basic Training is fun and easy! You will learn:

  • Basic Commands - sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking.
  • Focus - how to get your dog to pay attention to you and listen to your commands.
  • Practical Tips - learn essential real-world techniques for owning a dog such as meeting other dogs on the walk and navigating dog parks.

Basic Training Class is a fun bonding experience with your dog. It is also calming and therapeutic - your excited dog will be tired from all the new experiences.  Basic Training addresses any behavioral issues or transitional challenges right away.
Our goal is for every adoption to be forever and our experience is that training together on the basics results in the best possible long-term bond between you and your dog. 

Treadmill training builds your dogs focus and also is great exercise.

Simply training together will teach your dog to trust you and to listen to your commands.

Learn how to meet another dog confidently and calmly in public places.



Performing agility feats in training will improve your dogs confidence with obstacles in the real world.