Pitbulls and Friends transfers the dog to you when you sign the Adoption Agreement and pay the adoption donation fee. 

Pitbulls and Friends' Adoption Fees are:

  • $399 for puppies less than 12 months old, and
  • $299 for adult dogs.

Your Adoption Fee includes the cost of your dog's microchip, vaccines, spay or neuter and access to our Dog Training Programs. Your donation helps defray the expenses of finding forever homes for lost and given up dogs, including food, veterinary care, spay and neuter and microchipping. You may choose to donate more than the minimum amount in order to help Pitbulls and Friends save more dogs.

Remember, your adoption saves two dogs, your new dog and the dog that Pitbulls and Friends can now rescue and rehome.

Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal. We do not accept payment plans. The adoption fee is non-refundable. Click Here to pay your adoption donation fee online now. 


My instinct was that I need help at this point, so I called around to find a local pitbull rescue, which is how I got in touch with Frank Kole at Pitbulls and Friends Dog Rescue.  We decided to meet at the shelter right away- there was no time to spare.
Frank explained the process to me - we would meet the dog and conduct an assessment to see if Jet was a good candidate for the Rescue.

We were walked into Jets` kennel that was holding a few other dogs that were barking and jumping up against the kennel doors.  Jet sat quietly in his kennel. When we took him out to meet him, he was submissive and friendly.  Frank determined that he was going to be saved.

We stood outside the kennel and discussed the details - I would take Jet home with me and give him a temporary home - as a foster. Frank supplied me with a crate, food, a leash and we settled Jet in at home.



Before you bring your new family member into your home, you will need to gather these essentials:

  • Identification tag with your cell phone number
  • Collar and leash
  • Water bowl
  • Food and food bowl
  • Dog bed
  • Crate and bedding                      
  • Toys - tennis balls, Kong balls, tug ropes
  • Training treats                  

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how to find your new best friend


A representative from Pitbulls and Friends Dog Rescue will visit the dog's prospective home. This is a short visit to meet all of the family members and any other pets in the home.  The dog's potential living conditions are reviewed including water bowl, feeding schedule, sleeping area, play area, training and activities. 

If you have another pet in your home, Pitbulls and Friends will coordinate a supervised interaction between the dog and the other pet to make sure the pets will get along. The interaction is a supervised meeting between the dog and the other pet which is performed by an experienced dog behaviorist.

The next day, the Rescue set up a vet appointment. It was then we discovered the really sad news - Jet did not have a kennel cough, as we had assumed - but heartworms!  Would he survive?  The vet laid out the treatment plan and the risks. We were all in - we committed ourselves to do whatever we could to save our sweet boy.

During the next 12 months, Jet went back and forth to the vet regularly. He was on strict bed rest and my husband and I consistently kept him in good spirits.  Every critical stage of recovery came and went and Jet was still with us!  When Jet finally recovered completely, we had made up our minds - we were going to keep him and happily become "foster fails".

Jet has been such a great addition to our family that we decided the following year to adopt another pitbull mix - a baby brother we named Biggie. Both of them enjoy lazy days in the sun and trips to the park and dips in the ocean. They are very spoiled and showered with love and attention not only from us but also all of our friends and family. They make us better people by getting involved with our local dog rescue and by educating others to adopt and rescue instead of buying from a breeder.

Coming home after a stressful day at work is much easier when you have two wagging tails great you at the door. It is an instant stress relief and mood enhancer. Our daily walks and trips to the park not only provide exercise for the pups but for us as well. We have found new friends through our involvement with the dog rescue. We could not imagine our lives without our best friends.


Your application package will be reviewed and once all are in agreement that the adoption should move forward, a move-in date is scheduled.


Pitbulls and Friends provides post-adoption support though our dog training program - Basic Training, Brewery Buddy and our Pack Walks. Our program picks up at the dog's current training level, teaches the new owner what the dog already knows and continues the dog's training towards a canine good-citizenship certification. The program also addresses any behavioral issues or transitional challenges. Our experience is that training together results in a successful long-term bond between you and your dog.        

It was love at first sight- when I saw Jet's sad face posted on my Facebook page.

He came with an equally sad story- friends of a friend had found him dragging his leash behind him in downtown San Diego. They took him in and called the number on his dog tag.  “I cannot come and get him right now, I became homeless and do not have the means to take care of him”- was the response from Jet`s previous owner. With no ability to keep Jet at their home, they dropped Jet off at the local shelter.

A few months passed and the finders of Jet received a call from the animal shelter- nobody ever came to claim him and he has been sick and isolated due to a cough that he had developed.  Jet was deemed "not adoptable" based on his illness and his breed and was going to be put down.

Luckily, the friends shared Jet's story on Facebook - the great description of his kind demeanor and the plea to save his life touched me. I had never owned a dog before. My husband was out of town for business. When I called him for advice, he told me to follow my instinct.


Our adoption process is straightforward - simply follow these steps. To begin, please complete the online application.  Pitbulls and Friends will contact you approximately 24-48 hours after receiving your completed application.